There are many ways to become involved with Friends of Riding Mountain National Park. From “behind-the-scenes” preparations to “frontline” interpretation, the opportunities are limitless!

Program Assistant:
Help present environmental and cultural activities with our School Program and Summer Education team.

Special Events:
Volunteer to help “behind-the-scenes” or on the “frontlines” at one of our numerous Special Events – Canada Day, Friends Kiddie Parade, Creepy Hollow Hauntings Weekend, Winter Adventure Weekend and the Friends RM Loppet (just to name a few).

Express your creativity while helping to increase the awareness of, and knowledge about, Riding Mountain National Park and the Friends organization.

Office & General:
A helping hand can always be used around the office. From education program development to memberships mail-outs to event preparations…there is always something to be done.

Should you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know! New ideas are always welcome!