Interested in auditioning for the Friends of RMNP Buskering Program?

Every potential Busker will be given 10 minutes to razzle and dazzle the judges with their performance – all auditions will be performed un-amplified.
Successful Buskers will be issued a Friends of RMNP Busker’s Pass that will enable them to perform at one of six (6) designated Busk Stops in Riding Mountain National Park. ONLY OFFICIAL FRIENDS of RMNP BUSKERS are allowed to perform in Riding Mountain National Park.
All existing and new buskers must successfully complete an audition held at the Friends of RMNP Learning Centre.

  • First round of auditions is on the Busker Audition Weekend (June 5th & 6th, 2021). The application deadline for this round is Friday, June 4th, 2021 by 4pm.
  • Others auditions are made by appointment.

Call Friends of RMNP (204.848.4037) or email to book your audition time.

For your audition, please bring:

  • Completed and signed 2021 Busker’s Application Form
  • $10.00 Audition Fee
  • Any potential busker who would like to audition with an INSTRUMENT or VOICE will need to provide two (2) different 30 minute set lists. The judges will then select the audition songs from the provided set lists.

Performers who have been accepted into the Friends of RMNP Busk Stop Program will be expected to pay for their license on their audition day, when their license is issued. License fees are paid for as a group / act, not by each member of the group. Not everyone who auditions will qualify for a license.
$10.00 Audition Fee – payable before auditioning (Non-refundable)
$20.00 48 hr License Fee
$30.00 Weekly License Fee
$50.00 Monthly License Fee
$75.00 Annual License Fee

*GST included in License Fee
Payment Options: Interact / Visa / MasterCard and Cash (NO CHEQUES)
Those that audition on the June 5th & 6th, 2021 Busker Weekend will receive a 10% discount on their Busker Pass (at time of purchase).

Printable How To Apply 2021

Printable Rules and Regulations

Printable Busking Application Form